Skills Gap Analysis

Boost your skillset

Skills gaps exist in any workplace across industries. For result-driven businesses, where leveraging on employees’ performance is of the utmost importance, skill gaps are the biggest detriment to attaining business goals. Conducting a skill gap analysis helps you identify the skillset you need to meet your business goals. Get in touch with us and learn some important steps you need to consider when conducting a skill gap analysis. Learn more at the link in bio #humanresourcemanager #hr #humanresource #operationmanager #productdevelopment #projectmanager #restructuring #businessconsulting

Organisation Structure

Improve your productivity

There are so many harmful organization structures nowadays with some of the results being low productivity, high employee turnover, hiring problems and the inability for the business to grow. Good organization structure is vital in motivating your employees, improving your staff's performance, marketing better, attracting more customers, and realizing your goals. It’s therefore important that we co-create structures that: 1. Have purpose⁣⁣ 2. Are reflective of your org’s values⁣⁣ 3. Are clear and communicated⁣⁣ 4. Have systems of accountability baked in Whether you are starting up, scaling up or expanding internationally, we can help you create a bespoke plan or solution for your business. Check out a full list of our resources here. #humanresourcemanager #hr #humanresource #operationmanager #florida #productdevelopment #projectmanager #restructuring #researchandplanning

Organisational Principles

Four Common principles for success

Common Operating Principles of All Organizations. All successful organizations operate based on four common principles. ~ First, clarity on decision making. ~ Second, ownership of the bigger picture. ~ Third, meaningful metrics. ~ Lastly, peer-to-peer accountability. Over the years we’ve gained skills and knowledge on how to create an environment where these principles not only happen, but make them happen organically. Contact us to learn more, #humanresourcemanager #hr #humanresource #businessconsulting #entrepreneur #operationmanager #productdevelopment #projectmanager

Learning & Development

How to create a company structure that celebrates learning and development

How can you create a company culture that celebrates learning and development? When we feel like we’re growing and developing, we’re more likely to stick around at our jobs, perform better, and achieve better business outcomes. Traditionally, a six-figure salary and retirement benefits were enough to attract and retain top talent. However, in today’s world you need to give your employees a reason to join, improve, and stick around. You can do this by prioritizing learning and development opportunities. Let’s help you add value to your personnel through our business and professional training & consulting services. Contact us today to learn more. #businessconsulting #entrepreneur #operationmanager #productdevelopment #projectmanager

Business structure

Factors to consider before choosing your business structure

Some factors to consider before choosing a Business Structure. 1. Flexibility: Where is your company headed, and which type of legal structure allows for the growth you envision? Turn to your business plan to review your goals, and see which structure best aligns with those objectives. 2. Complexity: When it comes to startup and operational complexity, nothing is simpler than a sole proprietorship. You simply register your name, start doing business, report the profits, and pay taxes on it as personal income. 3. Liability: A corporation carries the least amount of personal liability since the law holds that it is its own entity. This means that creditors and customers can sue the corporation, but they cannot gain access to any personal assets of the officers or shareholders. We've compiled the most common types of business entities and their notable features to help you decide on the best legal structure for your business. Get in touch with us today. #businessstructure #businessconsulting #smallbusinesses #entrepreneur

Failure-proof your marketing

Know your market

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the demands of your product before you even launch? It would save you time, money, and a lot of guesswork. But in the real world this is rarely the case. we normally find many businesses making one or both of these two common mistakes in product development: ~They either create the product first then find a market for it later or ~They spend too much time trying to perfect the product before selling it. There’s a lot to be gained from proper market research. Make prototypes of your product and test them out to see how people feel about them before fully committing to the idea. If your business is stuck with any of these starting points in product development, BBS Consulting is here for you! We believe that nothing beats first-hand experience, and we would be happy to render our marketing services to your organization. #marketingstrategy #productdevelopment #projectmanager

Strategic Partnerships

3 Ways to maintain a healthy partnership

Maintaining a healthy strategic partnership can become sticky if you allow it. Here are some ways to keep it easy! ~Communication: effective communication is the key to any lasting relationship. Listen to your partners ideas or concerns with the intentions to understand and not just to respond. ~Define roles: Be very clear about the expectations of all parties involved. Make sure that everyone has the tools needed to carry out their roles. ~Solution-oriented: we rarely go through business without little to no hiccups. Be solution oriented instead of wasting time placing blame. Try to be proactive instead of reactive! Get in touch with us for quick tips and examples on how to create and maintain coalitions and partnerships. Contact us today to learn more. #businesspartnerships #businessplan #entrepreneur #success #leadership